'Ode to Joy'

'Ode to Joy'

March 4, 2011

New to the Blogging World

So today I decided to do something I swore I would never do: blogging. In fact, before this, I actually made fun of my girlfriend, which I truly love for committing the crime of blog stalking.

Now, blog stalking is a word I invented, sorry Webster you are to late, that I use to refer to people who become emotionally attached to blogs of people they have never met or have any relationship with.

So how can I get you emotionally attached to my blog? Well I am a United States Marine who serves are country and our way of life! Yeah...I think that will do!

So I welcome each of you to my blog. Here, I will post pictures/stories of Marines from accross the country. You will laugh, you will cry, and sometimes you might even be flat out disturbed. I mean what can I say, we are the most elite fighting force on the planet and some of our backgrounds/mannerisms are questionable at best. But I recommend to stay tuned and I hope you enjoy the Marine Corps show with me your host! Until then....Oorahhhhhhhhhhhh!


  1. I randomly came across your blog and I think its great that you decided to join the blog world. I am a girlfriend to a US marine. I love looking at the pictures! Keep up the good work. I will enjoy seeing what you have to show us civilians.;)
    Semper Fi, Amber joy

  2. Amber, I am glad you enjoy the blog. I am sorry to hear you are dating a Jarhead. Just kidding! We are a special breed and it takes a strong women to stand beside us, so I applaud your strength. I hope you will continue to view the site and let me know what you think. Oohrah!!